[Linux](EN) Down and run remote shell script in local by using url

Run remote shell script in local computer.

Environment and Prerequisite

  • Linux base system
  • Bash shell(/bin/bash)
  • You can see script content in url. It is code on Github Gist.

Down and run remote shell script in local by using curl

(Method1) Use Redirection


bash <(curl -s [URL])


bash <(curl -s https://gist.githubusercontent.com/TWpower/1c3e78ef762d493f6df3033f30165afc/raw/55688b960b8d31f2185d3dbfe80c6815efd4a47a/remote-sh-test.sh)

(Method2) Use Pipe


curl -s [URL] | bash -s arg1 arg2 arg3 ...


curl -s https://gist.githubusercontent.com/TWpower/1c3e78ef762d493f6df3033f30165afc/raw/55688b960b8d31f2185d3dbfe80c6815efd4a47a/remote-sh-test.sh | bash -s
# With sudo
echo [!!PASSWORD!!] | sudo -S curl -s https://gist.githubusercontent.com/TWpower/8fb35a2bdc297ef897cf6f3aae5a6598/raw/f988316bb7a4ef9ba9551593e4b472b609b2865b/remote-sh-sudo-test.sh | bash -s


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