[Internet](EN) Difference between CNAME and A record

Brief explanation about difference between CNAME and A record

Prior Knowledge

  • DNS(Domain Name Server)
  • Domain, IP Address
  • Let’s assume there is domain which name is test.me


CNAME = Acronym of Canonical Name. It gives another name to specific domain name. You can easily think that it is another name of domain name


 blog.test.me -> test.me // Another domain name of test.me
 www.test.me -> test.me  // Another domain name of test.me

A record

A record means domain name has One IP Address. Specific domain(include sub or root) has its own ip address. Like below sub domain can have different ip address.


dev.test.me -> 123.456.789.123 // dev.test.me ip address
test.me -> 987.654.321.123     // test.me ip address

Wiki Example

Below are examples from Wikipedia. Each has different value depends on TYPE

bar.example.com CNAME foo.example.com
foo.example.com A

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